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Pronunciation: tuck-a (rhymes with…nothing for you Americans. Just…well, instead of pronouncing the “er” at the end, say “a” instead.

Meaning: Lunch. Or food you bring with you on a day trip when you’re not at home or at a restaurant to make or order something. A tucker box is the lunch box or bag you carry your food in.

Usage example: “Do you have your tucker with you? It’s gonna be a long drive to Oodnadatta if you don’t!” Incidentally, one of my most beloved places in the world is Oodna-bloody-datta. If you’ve never heard of it, that’s ok, you’re in the majority. If you want to learn more about it, check out the Pink Road House website. The road house is a major tourist attraction and central hub for Oodnadatta. The population hovers around 150, so it doesn’t have much competition. I had a mate in high school – Alice – whose family ran the road house and still does. Lovely people. I was luck enough to go up there for about a week with her for a high school spring break one year. She tried to teach me how to ride a dirtbike, but I sucked at it. That’s ok though, I still had fun.

Protip: You haven’t experienced Australia until you’ve been out under the stars during a cloudless night sky in the outback. True story.

The Pink Roadhouse. Everything is pink. Even the tractor.


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