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24 Hour Film Festival: The Quick And Dirty   1 comment

Knoxville 24-Hour FIlm Festival Logo

The Knoxville 24-Hour Film Festival is about to begin! At 7pm tonight film makers will gather at the Relix Variety Theater to hear the rules, find out the three secret film components that every team must include (a character, a prop, and a line of dialog), and then race off to figure out how the bloody hell they’re going to come up with the props, a script, and a location, all in 24 hours.

FILM FEST RULE #1: Before racing off, take five minutes to formulate a plan of action! Make sure your camera operator knows how to use the camera. And unless you’re shooting a silent film, you’re gonna need to pay attention to your audio quality, too.

If you’re out and about on the streets of Knoxville tonight and you happen to catch some odd guerrilla filming going on, chances are it’s a film fest team. Last year none of the films used the same location: Knoxville has a pretty diverse landscape for shooting all kinds of genres.

FILM FEST RULE #2: Make sure you shoot in non-restricted areas! Keep it legal, kids!

Teams only have 24 hours to complete the scripting, shooting, composing, editing, and finalizing of their film. Most team members will find themselves up all night stressing out, juggling fits of creativity with bouts of zombie-like tiredness. Some teams resort to no-doze or Red Bull to stay awake and in the game. Other teams prefer a drink of the adult persuasion. Hey, whatever gets the job done, right?

FILM FEST RULE #3: Buy craft services for the cast and crew! An army on the move runs best when it’s well fed and watered.

Hopefully when the sun wakes up, most teams will be close to being finished with shooting, or at least half way through, with an end in sight: A good script has a beginning, middle, and end. Each film can only be four-minutes long, MAX. That’s not a very long script, is it. Well, unless you’re going for Gilmore Girl’s-type dialog. #Shudder.

FILM FEST RULE #4: Wrap up shooting QUICKLY! Editing takes longer than you think! You have to factor in time for computer edit crashes, rerendering unrendered clips, fixing audio problems, learning how to use the editing software, and a final quality review.

By 7pm on Saturday, May 28th, hopefully all of this year’s teams will successfully turn in a QuickTime on DVD to the film fest organizers. Last year a few teams didn’t turn in DVDs in time and they got DQ’d. 😦

FILM FEST RULE #5: Turning in something is better than turning in nothing. Unless the film is just really, really bad. #judgementcall.

So there you have it. My quick-and-dirty guide to the 2011 Knoxville 24-Hour Film Festival.

Last year I helped out my buds on team Reply All, who were last year’s winners of the coveted Best Film category (#hatersgonnahate). For their awesome Rhyme Slaya video, I channeled my inner Mariska Hargitay and played a no-nonsense detective. This time around I’m giving up the acting gig and donning my sewing machine, threads, pins, and other random costume supplies in whatever capacity the wardrobe dept. needs me. It should be a fun ride! Mostly I’m just excited because my #mad sewing skillz will not be needed all night long, so I can come home and get some sleep like a normal person.

zOMG, only 14 minutes to go before the film fest starts! May the best team win!

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