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5 Great Links for LB – Final Edition   Leave a comment

This will be my 13th list of links for LB, and I think it’s going to be the last. *Loud sobbing heard from the peanut gallery*

But I don’t want to leave y’all hanging with nothing to do on future Mondays! That wouldn’t be cool. So instead of using my links to browse the many interesting, weird, and off-beat crevices of the Internet, I give you the tool to do it yourself: StumbleUpon. Interested to know how it works? Here’s a great blog post by Carrie Actually that explains how to make the most of what StumbleUpon has to offer (I promise I’m not getting lazy, this article is just a really good write up!).

Here’s one last link I found today while browsing Reddit, which I thought you all might enjoy. How big is your limbal ring? – This article made me rush to the bathroom mirror and look deeply into my own eyes. True story.


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