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I was browsing Reddit earlier this morning, coffee in hand, and came across this amazing blog entry about a man who purchased and subsequently renovated an old cement factory in Barcelona, Spain. Here is the original article from Check it out. Now.

Ricardo Bofill purchased this dumpy, forgotten old place in 1973 and devoted two years to doing it up. The architectural and interior design transformation from cold and ugly to modern and beautifully unrecognizable (as a cement factory) is absolutely amazing. The Babylonian style garden has to be my favorite feature. Ivy can really do wonders for ugly gray cement.

It makes me wonder how much liquid income and free time this guy had to devote to his project. And I also wonder where he mustered the epic, visionary inspiration to accomplish such a feat. I know, I know, the average dude on the American city street doesn’t have Antoni Gaudi as a constant inspirational muse everywhere he looks, but seriously! This Bofill guy is not your average house flipper! HGTV, eat your heart out.

On top of trying to complete a master’s degree and keep a part time job, I’m also currently in the middle of renovating my bathroom. I barely have time to think about what color I want to paint the trim, let alone figure out how to install a vanity and attach the plumbing. And I’m talking about maybe a five by seven square foot area. I find that the easiest way to deal with being overwhelmed like I am is to simply ignore the “want” projects until the “need” projects are safely out of the way…maybe I could hire this Bofill guy to come and finish the job for me? He apparently has the mad skillz and the decorating flare!



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