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Now that I’m enjoying Month-Off-May, I finally have time to finish some projects! Awwwwwwww yeeeeeeeeaaahhhhhhh, PROJECTS!!! One such project is a quilt I’ve been making on and off again for a while now in between grad school and other stuff. Last year my sewing machine broke just before Christmas, so I couldn’t finish it then (major bummer dude), but I got it fixed just in time for spring semester grad school to start. So the quilting was put on hiatus again. Fast forward to this week, and here are the results!

This quilt is for my aunt and uncle in the U.K. A couple of years ago I was at the Knoxville quilt expo and found some awesome retro 1970s-inspired fabric. As much as I wanted to keep the fabric perfectly folded up so I could just look at it, I figured it would look even better in a quilt…..enter the Moonlight Forest….

….The quilt is machine quilted except for the outside hem. It’s blanket-sized and I made up the design as I went along (that’s code for I-didn’t-measure-some-of-the-quilt-blocks-properly,-so-half-way-through-I-had-to-cut-extra-bits-to-make-everything-fit). Some might call my technique sloppy, but I call it “charming”. I was also pretty bad at maths in high school, AND I grew up with the metric system, so living in America and dealing with this inches and yards thing is like trying to read Shakespeare quickly and accurately at the same time. It’s so confusing sometimes, I just want to cry. That’s why I always quilt with a glass of wine within arm’s reach. We’ve talked about priorities before, haven’t we?

Anyway, hope y’all enjoy the pics!



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