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Reddit. Have you heard about it yet? If you haven’t, you’ll probably hear someone talking about it sooner or later. You can find it here:

UPDATE: If you’re wondering what the phrase “The narwhal bacons at midnight” means, you must be a Reddit n00b. It’s a meme that redditors have come up with to make themselves sounds awesome. Just…start browsing Reddit and give yourself a few weeks. If you haven’t figured it out by then, you’re not trying hard enough. N00b.

Reddit is a growing global online community of user-posted original and aggregated items. According to one source, Reddit gets 110 million page views per day. Not too shabby! Reddit has pictures, news articles,  videos, comics: If something is either new or trending on the web right now, chances are you’ll find it at reddit. It’s a motley crew of Internet gold, trash, random pages, and more.

Other users review and then vote on submissions, sending items up or down the reddit popularity ladder. The posts with the most “up” votes float to the top, ensuring a constant stream of popular, interesting content for people to check out.

People can also leave comments on posts. These comment streams can turn into lengthy discussions about a topic. To leave a comment you must become a registered redditor (a free and swift process).

Sub-reddits are micro communities within the greater reddit community. If you want to find out if there’s a subreddit on, say, bacon, here’s what you type: MMMM, bacon. Did you know there’s a Bacon Of The Month Club? I just discovered it, thanks to reddit!

I asked my boyfriend John (a self-proclaimed “heavy social media user”) why he uses reddit: “It’s a time killer and there’s just so much content. Funny pictures, funny stories, interesting people. There’s a Knoxville sub-reddit too, so it’s geared for local communities as well.” He’s right: Currently, the most recent Knoxville reddit post is a YouTube video detailing the Henley Street Bridge detour.

I’m just now discovering what reddit has to offer. I like the idea that redditors are ordinary people. It’s like a social craigslist: Instead of sale items, you get to read content and discuss it with others.

Reddit is simple to use and extremely accessible. Thanks to people purchasing reddit gold (the premium version), the site is no longer ad-supported! Hurrah for clutter-free websites!

Seriously, check out reddit today. Just make sure you’ve finished that homework assignment or any household chores first.


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