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G-Form And The iPad2 Cases: This Is How You Do Business   5 comments

Today is a very special day. Not only is it Friday, but it’s also the Friday before July 4th (translate: 4-day weekend for me), and is the day my iPad2 case arrived! To be exact, my “iPad Extreme Sleeve™ 2” arrived. It sounds high tech, because it is high tech. It’s made of a lightweight, foamy kind of material that, when impacted, hardens on a molecular level and protects what’s inside. Crazeballs. I’ve tested it out with my iPad2 and it fits like a glove like an iPad2 case should fit: Perfectly snug.

Some quick back story: John “Champion Boyfriend” Kennedy got me an iPad2 for my birthday with the green Apple Smart Cover. I’m highly skilled at dropping things, so the next day I bought a protective film for the screen and a pink Speck Smartshell for the back. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m extremely talented at dropping things. So I also wanted to buy an iPad2 carrying case to be triple protected. Oh my gawd, there are a lot of iPad2 cases on the market. I put a lot of thought and research into it, but after watching this video from the team at G-Force, I just wasn’t going to be happy with any other product.

Here’s the thing: I guess G-Form only just started making these sleeves, so they weren’t ready to ship them out when the iPad2 came out. So they took pre-orders and kept in touch with customers through comments on their website. The sleeves were meant to ship out on June 15th, but due to a delay in shipping, G-Form wasn’t going to be able to send them out for about another week. To make up for this delay, G-Form sent out an email to me and other pre-ordering customers explaining the situation and offering a free additional item from their website up to $39.99 value. Whatever item I chose, they would ship with my iPad2 sleeve, so it would be like getting two presents at once!

G-Form has a whole product line devoted to skate boarders and bike riders, so the iPad2 sleeve was kind of a departure for them (although they also make a 1st generation iPad sleeve and laptop sleeves). So choosing a free gift was a bit difficult at first, but then I remembered that I ride a road bike! But nothing in the road bike product category was anywhere close to $39.99. I thought about it for a hot minute, and then sent G-Form this email (at about 12:45am, still wired on caffeine from the all-nighter I was pulling to get my project finished on time for class):


“Hello Awesome People of the G-Form Gift Team,

I’m ordering the iPad 2 sleeve, and got your free gift email. I would like my free gift to be a pair of your swanky Brake Hood Over-Grips.

But wait! That’s not all! Since you are offering a free gift up to $39.99, and the brake hood over-grips are only $9.99, would it also be possible to get a Saddle Gel Kit? Combined, that only makes $24.98! That’s a steal for both of us! It’s a win-win! Pretty please with a cherry on top? My bike pants could really use the extra company. They don’t really get along with my bike seat. Same story with my bike gloves and handlebars – all I want to do is go for a ride, you know? But instead, all I get is drama, drama, drama. Such a pain in my arse. Literally.

Can’t wait to see my iPad2 sleeve by the way, I am SUPER excited about it!

Thanks, Christie”


G-Form products #FTW

I never hear back from G-Form (They were doubtlessly too busy coming up with new awesome extreme products), but I’ve been wondering since that day what might turn up when UPS came to my door. Today I got the package, and check it out – I got the iPad2 sleeve, the brake hood over-grips, AND the saddle gel kit! What a sweet deal!

G-Form didn’t have to reward my greediness by sending me both free gifts, but they did, and I really appreciate it. And because of that, I’m already deciding what else I can buy from them (I have a snowboarding brother). Oh, did I mention that G-Form is also charitable in other ways too? Last month the company raised over $120,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Pretty cool stuff.

My iPad2 and its sleeve

iPad2 inside Extreme Sleeve

Snug as a bug - iPad2 fits perfectly!

So if you have an iPad2 or a laptop that needs protecting, I would seriously recommend checking out G-Form’s iPad Extreme Sleeve™ 2 (also their website has much better pictures). It’s an effective, innovative product, and now I can finally leave the house with my iPad2!



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