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I’m DONE WITH THE SEMESTER! My first year of grad school as a public relations master’s student is officially OVER! It was a great semester, I learned a lot, and I’m already looking forward to the summer classes I’ll be taking in June – crisis communication and PR campaigns. But even more than my upcoming summer classes, I am TOTALLY PUMPED ABOUT MONTH-OFF-MAY!

Here is a list of things I’ll be doing today:

1. sleeping in (done)

2. Getting a massage (in 25 minutes)

3. Coming home and cozying up on the couch with my dog to watch the Royal Wedding (I love my DVR)

4. Reading my Real Simple magazine that just showed up last week, but I’ve not had the time to crack open

5. Gardening in my front yard. The hail and storms devastated by veggie patch and Aloe Vera plants. Is it bad that I care about these plants more than the hail dents and fractured windshield on my car? Priorities – you gotta have ’em

6. Dinner and drinks tonight with my friends.

Tomorrow, Ijams Nature Center is having it’s Spring Plant Festival! It’s from 8:30am – 1:30pm. Check out this link for more details and directions. I’m definitely going to go, so I can replenish the plants in my yard, and maybe see what else I can find to add to my garden. So excited!


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