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A New Harry Potter Trailer And An Epic Case of Untapped Potential   4 comments

Every time I see a new trailer for the last Harry Potter movie I get SO EXCITED!!! The trailer below is a hodge podge of scenes from the movie, behind the scenes action, and cast and crew interviews. It’s shaping up to be a ripper of a movie. I think I might have to watch the 7th movie again before I go see this one.

When I was a child, my mum read the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings series to my brother and me. It was some of my favorite bed time stories to hear! I decided to read the books again before the L.O.T.R. movies came out. I made sure I’d read each book before I saw each movie. I’d heard that the movies stuck perfectly with the plot in the books, and I wanted to see if it was true. It was true, and it made me very happy (and also feel like one of those nerds who reads the book before the movie and then feels all superior and stuff).

But with these Harry Potter books, it’s a different story. I guess I was too old to get excited about a silly wizarding book for kids, so I didn’t read any of the Potter series. But I went to the movies and LOVED them! They are so…enjoyable. I really want to have magic powers. Badly. After about the 5th movie, I started picking up the Potter books at 2nd hand book stores. It’s 2011 now, and I’ve only read three of the books. Don’t get me wrong, they’re amazingly good reads for people of all ages, and I don’t understand why I took this long to get into them. I guess I’m in no rush to read the whole series yet – I’d rather soak up the amazing audio and visual special effects at the movie theater first, then fill in the gaps of the story with the books later. I’m also really enjoying the anticipation of waiting for the movie to hit theaters.

What about you? Did you rush to buy each new Harry Potter book as it hit the shelves? Did you pre-order any of the books? Or are you a normal late-adapter like me – happy to wait for a cheaper paperback?

As a final thought, let’s review the use of the time turner device from Harry Potter and the Prisoner or Azkaban…

An epic case of untapped potential


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