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“Dead horse”

Pronunciation: as it reads

Meaning: Tomato sauce, aka: Ketchup. Are you confused? No worries, mate! In Australia there’s a vast subtext of colloquial rhyming slang within the language. Most of these phrases originated from pop culture references, or notable figures and events. Some rhyming phrases are designed to soften the blow of a rude word, while others are rhymed, and then further abbreviated for ease of use. They are used mostly in local context, so if you’re lucky enough to visit Australia, you’ll likely have to go rogue before you aurally encounter it. Because most rhyming slang is so obscure, identifying it can really throw the foreign ear off. Translating it to its intended meaning is even more of a challenge!

Usage example: “Did you get any dead horse for the barbie this arvo?”



Bonus slang! – “Arvo”

Pronunciation: “aah-vo”

Meaning: Afternoon



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