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Knoxville is Recycling – You Should Too.   Leave a comment

GREAT NEWS! I just landed a summer internship with Curved Edge Consulting, which is a public relations and marketing firm in Knoxville, TN. I start on June 1st, and I could not possibly be more excited! With this new internship, my graduate assistant position, and my UT campaigns class, I’m going to be pretty busy, but busy is how I do it, so bring it.

One project I’ll be working on with Curved Edge Consulting is helping the City of Knoxville successfully initiate its new and exciting recycling program, Do Your Part With The Cart. The federal government has awarded the City of Knoxville grant money to initiate the project. The first 20,000 people who sign up will receive – no joke – free recycling service at their house! FREE! It’s free! Free like a dancing hippie!

Do Your Part With The Cart!

The only catch is that you must live within the City of Knoxville’s limits, and you can’t live in a huge apartment complex (more than four units). I live in the county, so I can’t sign up 😦 BUT I just called my garbage collection company and they actually provide a recycling pickup service for just over $50 a year. That’s pretty affordable, so I’m gonna do my part and sign up.

Here’s an awesome video that explains the Do Your Part With The Cart project:

The Do Your Part With The Cart campaign will provide signer-upperers with a cute green cart to put all their recyclables in – no need to sort through it all, just lump it all in together, and the recycling picker-upper people will do the rest at their recycling plant! With this recycling project, I am proud to say that Knoxville is heading in a strong, positive direction as a municipality. Do your part – if you live within the City of Knoxville, sign up today! I think I already mentioned it’s a free service, right?


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