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Word: To “chuck a wobbly”

Pronunciation: As it sounds

Meaning: I don’t know anyone who hasn’t chucked a wobbly at some point in their life. Children are very fond of wobbly chucking, as are the more fragile-natured among us. There is no age limit for chucking a wobbly. Chucking a wobbly means to throw a fit or have a tantrum about some trifling matter, hopefully in front of one or more people. The more people, the better.

Typically, wobblys are at their best when caught on video and uploaded to the Interwebs. Wobbly chucking is often motivated by a one-sided unfair or unjust situation that the wobbler can’t do anything about. It’s like that time when my dad video taped me and my brother having a pillow fight in the back yard. Circa 1993, I was (and actually still am) older than my brother, I was about a foot taller, in a different weight-class, and stronger than he (that all changed ca. 2000). I’m also highly competitive, so when dad persuaded me and my bro to go at it for a few rounds with the pillows, I thought it was a terrific idea! 2 minutes and some flying goose down later, I was strutting around like Oscar De La Hoya and my poor little brother was crying, mouthing off to dad, and giving the camera his best one finger salute. It was family video, wobbly-chucking GOLD! I really need to get that VHS dubbed to DVD, stat.

Here’s one of my favorite funny commercials that really epitomizes chucking a wobbly in all of it’s public glory:


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