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Aussie Slang Word Of The Day   3 comments

The middy, the pot, and the butcher all walk into a bar…

Pronunciation: As they sound.

Tooheys Beer

Meaning: Although it sounds like the start of a bad joke, these three things don’t actually walk into bars. They live in bars. They’re different sizes of glasses for beer.

XXXX (Four X)

Depending on which Australian city you’re in, the names will be different. In Adelaide (a.k.a. Radelaide) a “butcher” is a small 200ml (7 oz) glass of beer. Back in the day, when the local butcher would take a break from cutting up meat, he’d nip out the back for a quick drink and then be back to work without being too sloshed.

In Sydney and Darwin a butcher is known as a “seven,” and in Brisbane, where boring people apparently make up the names for things, it’s known as a “beer.” Yawn.

Beez Neez

A “pot” is a 285ml (10 oz) glass of beer in Brisbane and Melbourne, but it’s a “schooner” in Adelaide. It gets more complicated when you venture outside of Adelaide though, because everywhere else in Australia considers a 425ml (15 oz) glass of beer to be a schooner. In Sydney a pot is called a “middy,” and in Hobart it’s called a “ten.” You have to be careful to ask for “a ten of Carlton” and not “ten Carlton,” or you might have to call a taxi home (true story).

Apparently the only name that all Australian beer drinkers can agree on is a “pint” which is 570ml (20 oz). Fortunately, much of the confusion with these various names and sizes is avoided by Australians simply hardening the f**k up (NSFW) and ordering a pint in the first place.

Coopers Beer

PROTIP: When you visit Australia, you’re inevitably going to want to, or be forced to drink some beer. Don’t drink Fosters – we export that stuff. Do you see Mexicans drinking Corona when you visit Cancun? No, I didn’t think so.

Victoria Bitter

Instead, when you walk into an Aussie pub, take a quick squizz (a look) around and figure out what the locals are drinking, then order that. In Adelaide, you’re going to want to order anything off the Coopers menu. In Melbourne, fix yourself up with a Victoria Bitter. When you touch down in Perth, head straight for the Beez Neez (or anything from the Mathilda Bay Brewing Company). In Queensland, make sure you sample a Bundy or a XXXX (pronounced “Four X”). In Sydney, grab a Tooheys, and in Darwin, get whatever is available.

Usage: “Yeah I’ll have a Tooheys middy and the Shelia’ll have a butcher of your finest Coopers pale ale. Cheers, mate.”

Bottoms up!


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