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5 Great Links For LB   Leave a comment

Good afternoon LB! With any luck, you got some actual work done this morning. I bet you’re at lunch right now. I hope you saved room for dessert, a.k.a, this tasty new post I’ve created! Before you drift into a food coma, spend a hot minute checking out this week’s links…

You’re Excused – Best pic on the web today.

High Existence – Take your time with this one, you don’t want to overdo it or you’ll get endorphin overload. Maybe soak up a few each day? I really like #43 and #36 – I didn’t know it was possible to train your eyebrow!

Helvetictoc – Check this out, then check it out again one minute later.

Pod House – Is this what happens in the woods of northern U.S. states these days? My guess is either Washington or Minnesota. What’s your best guess for the location?  I wonder if the Ewoks would approve?

Spock and Roll! But first, these lessons – Plan on a duel next time we meet. I’m going to roshambo your face off.


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