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Aussie Slang Word Of The Day   2 comments

Word: Cozzie

Pronunciation: koz-ee

Meaning: swimsuit. Also known as “togs” or “bathers” depending on where you’re at in Oz.

Usage example: Leave your cozzies at home people, we’re going skinny dipping! Just kidding, please keep your clothes on. Australia is known for many things, and one of those things is surf lifesaving – The Australian Baywatch, but with more exciting coloured cozzies. Surf lifesaving serves a vital role in keeping ocean swimmers safe from (or at least aware of) sharks, jellys, drop bears, rip tides, and so on. The surf lifesavers are typically members of clubs – each club works a different beach area. And each year the clubs compete in a series of high stakes sporting events. These sports include the world-famous Ironman series, Flags, IRB (inflatable rescue boat) racing, and more. Flags is a funny little event that’s designed to test speed and agility (which translates to better lifesaving in the event of a real emergency).

Here’s a video of a flag race – these finely tuned cozzie-wearing athletes compete in a series of elimination heats to secure the flag at the end of the sprint. It’s like musical chairs, but instead of sitting down, the competitors are belly diving into sand. It’s moments like these that you want to make sure you’re wearing a high-quality, gonna-stay-put cozzie covering your bum. Check out 1:59 on this video from 2000 for a tasty, exciting moment (slo-mo replay follows).

And here’s another clip of a women’s flag competition from 2008. This competition is pretty intense – there’s a “run off” at the 3:24 mark: Two of the competitors grab the flag at the same time and the refs can’t decide who yoinked it out of the sand first. My money was on the serious-looking Blue Knickers lady from the Kurrawa club. Who are you betting on winning?


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