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5 Great Links for LB   2 comments

LB, it sounds like you’ve been pretty busy lately. Rain check on dinner from last week? Hopefully you’re not too busy to visit these links I’ve compiled for you! Also, at this point, I’ve posted seven of these threads. If you* like or don’t like the links I’m posting, let me know! If you want to see different kinds of links on a favorite topic of yours, drop me a line and I’ll see what I can dig up.

*”you” is not restricted to just LB. If you’re not LB, feel free to send me feedback too!

Betaville: The interactivity of this site is the best I’ve seen in a while! Really great web designer. Very impressive. Makes me think I’ve time traveled to an earlier decade.

This Day In Music: Jealous Guy by Roxy Music. Huh? Never heard of it. I must be getting old.

Woodland Homes: Would you live here? Maybe if you were a Hobbit.

Photomanipulation: I like #11 and #17. #15 looks really painful for some reason (but I’m sure he’s fine, he’s wearing protective goggles).

SEQL: I think the best way to approach this list is to first cross off what you’re already doing and give yourself a pat on the back. Then tackle the other 87 items one at a time. So you don’t go crazy with guilt. I’m bookmarking this page for future reference.


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On Saturday we had some beautiful sunny weather here in Knoxville, Tennessee. LB, I hope the bike event went well! Sunday was overcast with thunderstorms. It was a good grass growing day for my backyard and a good couch day for the Oscars. I’m glad Natalie Portman and Colin Firth won awards, even if The Social Network didn’t take home Best Picture (oh well). And now it’s Monday, which means the weather doesn’t matter, because you’re at work (although there is a tornado warning today, so be careful!). So here are some links to alleviate that gloom…

POTD: You can never go wrong with one stunning photo per day! Especially when it’s an underwater oasis.

Silly Mind Tricks: Spoiler alert! I thought of broccoli. Hope that doesn’t ruin it for you.

Snowflake What?!: I don’t believe this. This is not possible. Ok, maybe it is. But I have my doubts. Is this a hoax?

Popular Mechanics: Slash that utility bill! SLASH IT! A list of 19 ways to stop spending money on useless stuff.

Adam Savage’s Obsessions: TED gives us another great talk on a fascinating person. 15 minutes long, but really, really cool.

Enjoy the week!


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Good morning, LB. Are you at work yet? Great! Here are some links for you to check out once you fill out that TPS report.

An Internet Timeline – This is just funny, and also useful for you people under 18.

The Good Guide – Ever wondered how your shampoo scientifically & environmentally ranks against other shampoos? Well now you can find out!

You Grow Girl – For the resourceful and humble gardener with little gardening space and even less money.

The Dangerous Sports Club – Pretty much explains itself.

Energy Fiend – So you really think you can drink that much Vanilla Coke and survive, huh? How much hot cocoa do you think it would take to keel you over?



5 Great Links for LB   2 comments

Here we are again – it’s Monday, which means LB is definitely already bored. It must time for some more random anti-boredom links!

LIES, LIES, LIES – Do you know what a liar looks like?

Post Secret – Updated every Sunday, this ongoing art collaboration provides amazing insight into the secret lives of others.

DIY Kaleidoscope – I could really get into this! How detailed can you get yours?

Freebord – If I were to be given a talent at which I could not fail, I might choose this. Great little tune, too.

Travelphant Travel Blog – LB, I want to go to there! And eat!


UPDATE: Just saw this link and thought it was too good not to share immediately! From my favorite place on the Internet, Reddit, – Back to the Future photos by Irina Werning. Really, really cool art project! If it takes a hot minute to load, that’s because of all the amazing photos you’re about to see.

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Hi LB, I hope your Monday isn’t too boring so far. If it is, here are some funky little links to keep you entertained, and to keep the Internet interesting. ENJOY! – A great little site that lets you easily click through some questions on your quest to find a decent wine.

Photoshop Design Tutorial – Possibly still too advanced for the true novice, but this site has some really fantastic tips for pics!

David Shrigley – Odd photos to keep you entertained, and perhaps slightly worried.

Nobodyhere – Turn your volume down a bit if you’re at work.

Sketchswap – I feel sorry for whoever got mine.


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5 Great Links for LB   2 comments

So I have a friend, let’s call her LB. She likes tech news and social media stuff. I think I even convinced her to by a MacBook Pro back in the day (so we know she’s got great taste in laptops). I’ve decided to dedicate a weekly post to providing her with five links to interesting, current web content that she can peruse at her leisure while at work during her free time. Without further ado….

1) “How the NCAA Stays on Top of the Social Media Game” (An Interview by Meaghan Edelstein): The NCAA is jumping into the social media foray with thoughts on use and regulation

2) “I Was Dwinking” – My favorite reddit picture to date. Extra points for guessing the species.

3) “” – just the sound alone is cool. Slightly disturbing overall, but still really cool.

4) “Don’t Drink and Drive. Run, Instead” – A great little article about running, purging and beer.

5) “The Biomechanics of Footwear” – So how useful are shoes anyway?

I just noticed that three of these links are related to running or sports…but I’m perfectly fine with that. Enjoy!


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