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This will be my 13th list of links for LB, and I think it’s going to be the last. *Loud sobbing heard from the peanut gallery*

But I don’t want to leave y’all hanging with nothing to do on future Mondays! That wouldn’t be cool. So instead of using my links to browse the many interesting, weird, and off-beat crevices of the Internet, I give you the tool to do it yourself: StumbleUpon. Interested to know how it works? Here’s a great blog post by Carrie Actually that explains how to make the most of what StumbleUpon has to offer (I promise I’m not getting lazy, this article is just a really good write up!).

Here’s one last link I found today while browsing Reddit, which I thought you all might enjoy. How big is your limbal ring? – This article made me rush to the bathroom mirror and look deeply into my own eyes. True story.


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Soooo, the links list for LB is a day late! Yeah, I was deep in statistical analysis world on Sunday night – no time to prep the post, sorry LB. May I offer you this expertly crafted meme as an apology?

Dos Equis Guy tells it straight up.

To make up for it, here are some fantastic links to brighten your day: A penguin being tickled – Enough said. What Tree? – I fell from the Hornbeam Tree! (Yeah, I’ve never heard of it either) Scribbler – I’m not sure what this is, but it sure does make pretty-looking pictures Smoosh – He will never have a girlfriend. The Ark In Space – This cannot be real. I wish I liked cats, but I’m a dog lover all the way. ALL THE WAY!


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Hey LB, welcome to the second week of April!

Soooo, when I came over to your house this weekend I noticed your porch swing was out of commission and looking all sad and unused in a pile of chains on your front porch (I thought you had DH trained to fix stuff like that?). In an attempt to inspire you to fix the swing (mostly so I can use it next time I visit), I am dedicating this week’s list of links to DIY stuff you can do around the house. The last link is only for use once you’ve done something constructive from the other four links. Promise? Ok, good. Now GET BIZZAY! (Oh, and thanks again for the DVDs, I’m very excited to have Arrested Development back in my life!)

Home Bar Budget – This DIY idea is a warm up for the others…For when you move, or if you run out of alcohol at the house, this is a fantastic list to keep bookmarked!

Copycat Candy – Still keeping it DIY-manageable for now…For when you want a Kit Kat, but don’t have a dollar, but have all the ingredients to make a Kit Kat (it could happen)

DIY Solar Jar – Ok, get out the tools and have some fun…Perfect for when the electricity goes out! Impress your friends with your scientific skills!

Small Veggie Pots – More involved DIY, definitely satisfying though…No excuses, you can do this anywhere!

Do Nothing For Two Minutes – Except for clicking on this link! (Only if you have accomplished something first)


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Hey LB, Are you fully functioning yet? I hope your weekend trip went well, and I’m glad you’re safe back in TN! So once you get back into the swing of things at work, take 5 and check out these fresh hot links I found for you. I think my favorite one is the one about alien contact. I thought it was too long to read at first, but it’s actually very insightful and I totally intend to follow the steps, should I be the first human to come into contact with aliens (highly likely).

Circular Life – Took me a minute, but this is very very cool.

Macromeme – What would you do if you were the first human to come into contact with aliens? Here’s a handy guide.

I can’t find my phone – Bookmark this one, people.


Last Minute Travel – Hands down, Fiji undersea resort is the winner.


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Good afternoon LB! With any luck, you got some actual work done this morning. I bet you’re at lunch right now. I hope you saved room for dessert, a.k.a, this tasty new post I’ve created! Before you drift into a food coma, spend a hot minute checking out this week’s links…

You’re Excused – Best pic on the web today.

High Existence – Take your time with this one, you don’t want to overdo it or you’ll get endorphin overload. Maybe soak up a few each day? I really like #43 and #36 – I didn’t know it was possible to train your eyebrow!

Helvetictoc – Check this out, then check it out again one minute later.

Pod House – Is this what happens in the woods of northern U.S. states these days? My guess is either Washington or Minnesota. What’s your best guess for the location?  I wonder if the Ewoks would approve?

Spock and Roll! But first, these lessons – Plan on a duel next time we meet. I’m going to roshambo your face off.


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