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David Beckham, Class Act   1 comment

Today Adidas posted a new video on their YouTube page showing David Beckham surprising British fans at a photo booth. Well, what can I say? Even though Beckham won’t be representing his home country at the 2012 Olympics, he’s still man enough to show support for his country and be there for the fans. What a great, humble, down to earth guy. Why can’t more sports stars be like this?



PS: Did you shed a tear for the boy at the end? Or do you just have dirt in both your eyes? 🙂

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Michelle Jenneke Does Australia, Dance Community, Proud   1 comment

Dammit, I love track and field! Especially when there’s an Aussie competing, and even more so when there’s an Aussie winning.

When competing at any level of sport, if you’re going to do wild and crazy things, you’d better be damn sure you’re also going to take home the gold. Losers who do wild and crazy things just look wild and crazy. And sad. Winners, on the other hand, can channel their cray cray into talent-backed fame and Internet viral videos. Case in point: Australian athlete Michelle Jenneke and her 100m hurdle pre-race dance at the World Junior Olympics in Barcelona earlier this week.

As you can see, she’s a happy, smiling Australian athlete who clearly knows how to shake out those pre-race jitters. It’s a wonder with all the dancing that they actually show the race, but stay until the end. It’s worth it.
I could have posted a link to the actual race, but this version’s been plussed with music in a way words just can’t describe.

This One’s For Laura   Leave a comment

Wow, it’s been a while, sorry folks. If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to lately, it has mostly involved encouraging my garden to grow and planning for my upcoming wedding!

Here’s something I planted earlier this year. It’s a Cherokee Purple. Isn’t he a beaut? I soon hope to post a photo of his transformation into a delicious, edible, ripe tomato. If I’m really lucky, I’ll also have the chance to show off what delectable dish he becomes…until then, we just have to let the sun and rain do their jobs.


Gardening rocks!




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