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Word: “Esky”

Pronunciation: Ehs-kee

Meaning: This blog post is particularly relevant for my American friends this patriotic weekend, and for any foreigners who are thinking of traveling to Australia for a summer holiday in a few months. An esky is the Aussie name for a cooler. Get it? because esky is short for Eskimo, and Eskimos live in the snow where things are kept cold! HA! Like band-aid, esky is a household name in Australia. NOBODY calls them coolers. I didn’t even know what a cooler was when I moved to the U.S.

The Esky brand was created by the company Nylex, but Coleman bought them out in 2009. In Australia you can’t go anywhere fun for the day without an esky, which is why it’s so vital that you learn this word! Going to the beach? Pack the esky! Hosting a barbie? Ask a friend to bring ice for the esky! Going to the Big Day Out this year? Definitely bring a few eskys for all the beer water you’ll drink.

Here’s a video of a remote controlled esky. Normally I don’t condone this type of commercial, but I know my dad and his friends will find it highly amusing.

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  1. You’re bloody right there …… got my Sheila one for her birthday. For some reason it doesn’y work any more!! D of MAD

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