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Word: “Granny Flat”

Pronunciation: As it sounds.

Meaning: The shed or a small, typically self-sufficient, apartment that’s on your property, but not attached to the house. A guest house, if you will. Granny Flats are where you put your Grandma/Grandpa, or Mother In-Law when she/he/they come to stay for long periods. Or if they move in with you, you can put them in the Granny Flat so they can still have their own place, but still be close by.

Granny Flat

A Granny Flat can be as simple as a garden shed with a cot set up in between the gardening tools and wellie boots. Or it can be a larger room with bedroom furniture, but no bathroom or kitchenette. Even more luxurious, the Granny Flat can be a fully-fledged guest house with all the amenities of a regular house, but on a smaller scale.

When I was growing up, mum and dad extended our garage down the drive way about 5 meters and built a Granny Flat onto the back end of it. There was a sliding door to get in from the back yard, and even a wall-mounted air conditioner! Dad and I picked out some tiles to cover the floor, which he then spent a day laying while I supervised and made inspirational comments like “Can I move in yet?” and “When can you buy me a mini fridge for in here?”

I spent my last year of high school living in my Granny Flat. It was awesome. I could come and go as I pleased, I could study in quiet and I covered the walls in random posters of boys from Cleo Magazine. When I moved to Knoxville at the end of the year to attend UTK I think it took my brother about 15.8 minutes to gather up his belongings and conquer my beloved annex. Oh well. Sharing is caring.


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