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This story is incredible. The Daily, a news source created in February, 2011 for tablet devices, recently published an article on military service dogs, titled Hound to Death. It’s a particularly well-timed story, because there was at least one military dog with the Navy SEAL squad that took out Osama bin Laden on May 1st, 2011.

Service dog retrofitted with titanium canine teeth

These dogs are retrofitted with titanium canine teeth (think about that next time you’re being chased down the street by Sparky), which increases their chompability on targets like Bin Laden. I read another article from The Telegraph about U.S. police dogs that discussed how expensive each titanium tooth is ($600 to $2,000). If a dog has deteriorating teeth, but is already a highly trained military service dog, it makes sense to retrofit the canine with new titanium teeth – it’s far less expensive than having to fully train another dog. Plus, for years now, humans have been receiving similar titanium screws and porcelain crowns during regular dental procedures. I am a huge dog lover and I care about animal rights, and I think these titanium teeth are pretty awesome. It’s like giving a dog supercanine powers! You guys might not agree with me, so feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

Unlike humans, the need to cover a dog’s titanium tooth implant with an aesthetically pleasing porcelain crown is pretty much nonexistent. These dogs could give a rat’s ass about winning Best In Show at the Westminster Kennel Club’s annual woof woof. No. These dogs are trained to wear oxygen masks and jump out of helicopters. These dogs want to work, they enjoy their work, and they’re good outstanding at the tasks they do for their squads or units. It’s insane how highly trained and sociable they are. Read The Daily article above and see what I mean. It has great photos too.


2 responses to “Chompers

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  1. You just watch, this is going to inspire some thug to start making grills for their pit bull quickly taking this from bad-ass to just bad. On another note, I thought about training Lenny to be a search and rescue dog. It became quite clear early on that the perfect job for him is actually sleeping under my desk. He’s not very service oriented.

  2. This is awesome

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