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Hey LB, welcome to the second week of April!

Soooo, when I came over to your house this weekend I noticed your porch swing was out of commission and looking all sad and unused in a pile of chains on your front porch (I thought you had DH trained to fix stuff like that?). In an attempt to inspire you to fix the swing (mostly so I can use it next time I visit), I am dedicating this week’s list of links to DIY stuff you can do around the house. The last link is only for use once you’ve done something constructive from the other four links. Promise? Ok, good. Now GET BIZZAY! (Oh, and thanks again for the DVDs, I’m very excited to have Arrested Development back in my life!)

Home Bar Budget – This DIY idea is a warm up for the others…For when you move, or if you run out of alcohol at the house, this is a fantastic list to keep bookmarked!

Copycat Candy – Still keeping it DIY-manageable for now…For when you want a Kit Kat, but don’t have a dollar, but have all the ingredients to make a Kit Kat (it could happen)

DIY Solar Jar – Ok, get out the tools and have some fun…Perfect for when the electricity goes out! Impress your friends with your scientific skills!

Small Veggie Pots – More involved DIY, definitely satisfying though…No excuses, you can do this anywhere!

Do Nothing For Two Minutes – Except for clicking on this link! (Only if you have accomplished something first)



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  1. I’m a senior in high school and im not real sure what i want to be when
    i graduate. i was thinking about a contractor and get my license for carpentry,
    electricity, and plumbing. i was wondering how much they make on average per year?.

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