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It’s that time of the year again. The film festival time of the year! Next month Knoxville will be hosting the annual 24-Hour Film Festival, which is a frenetic, high speed, no sleep, creative explosion of digital videos. Entered teams are given specific instructions on a Friday afternoon at 7pm. By the next day – Saturday at 7pm – each team must turn in a fully edited, completely original short film submission on DVD. Teams that don’t hand in a DVD on time are automatically disqualified from prize consideration.

Last year I was delighted to be part of the entry that won the prestigious prize for best film. It’s called “Rhyme Slaya” and it was written, produced, shot, and edited in 24 hours by the talented folks of team “Reply All.” The specific requirements for the 24-hr film fest. were that the video had to contain a dictionary as a prop, and the words “Try to be incognito when you meet them” had to occur in the dialogue. This video ended up being a music video called “Rhyma Slaya.” It’s an awesome example of what can be accomplished in 24 hours if enough creative, enthusiastic, sleep-deprived people help out. Check it out below (I’m the female detective).

(Protip: Expand these to full screen size. They are high quality videos and look far more delicious in HD!)

Following the success of Rhyma Slaya, team Reply All entered the Secret City Film Festival in Oak Ridge. The category this round was horror. The required prop was a foreign coin and the required line of dialogue was “I’ll have what she is having.” Reply All’s resulting video, “The Sound of Slaughter,” took home multiple awards including best film (again!). Take a look below. It’s not too scary I promise.

Good luck to the Reply All team for the 2011 film festival season!


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