Aussie Slang Word Of The Day   Leave a comment

“Fanging It”

Pronunciation: Fanginnit. Try to say it as fast as possible with a silent “g” at the end of fanging. It should really just be one word.

Meaning: To get around or explore a location in an uncouth manner. Australia’s got some pretty interesting places worth exploring. But unlike America, where Interstates seem to connect everywhere you want to be, a car isn’t always practical. Resourcefulness is a good skill to have. Sometimes you need a troopy. Other times, you might need to hitch a ride on a road train. Or maybe, just maybe, you can make do with a bike.

Usage Example: This kid is totally fanging it on his bike! (Also known as one of my favorite YouTube videos of all time)

And now I’m off to see Cirque Du Soleil’s acrobats fanging it on the trapeze! Have a great Friday everyone.


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