5 Great Links for LB   Leave a comment

Hot damn! Usually I post these links on Mondays, but I took the day off to get some gardening done. Sorry, LB! I hope you survived Monday unscathed. Here are some great links to kick off your Tuesday!

Divine Caroline: A retrospective look at some places through photos

Neatorama: Where bats, mist, and green water hang out. Pretty sure I’ve been here in another life. This website also has some other great sections, including the art blog.

Weng Weng: Hopefully this is the first time you’re seeing this little gem of a video. SFW, but headphones are recommended.

Hack Your Brain: Seriously, someone try this and let me know if it works.

Conversations With Jay: A really great blog when you want to read something on the Internet, but only 50 words or less at a time.





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