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ANZAC Bikkies. Photo by Food For Four


Pronunciation: Bih-kee

Meaning: Biscuit (or cookies if you’re American). The best kind in Australia are made by Arnott’s. If you drop in on any kitchen in Australia, you’ll almost always find a packet of Arnott’s stashed in the cupboard (usually next to the Vegemite and Cottee’s Apple Raspberry Cordial). My favorite Arnott’s bikkie is the Monte Carlo. They are mind blowingly awesome, I swear. Let’s try an experiment. Okay, think of Oreos. If you’re like me, you get two of them, separate them, then put the two creamiest parts back together to create a Super Oreo.

Arnott's Monte Carlos

Now think of doing that, but with two large honey coconut flavored cookie ends and a huge raspberry jam covered vanilla cream center. Mind. Blown.

Growing up in Australia, if your friends had rich parents, or if it was Christmas time, you could always count on the fancier packet of Arnott’s Assorted Creams to appear (otherwise known as the mother lode of edible awesomeness in a bikkie pack). Monte Carlos, Shortbread Creams, Kingstons, the list goes on! Arnott’s Ginger Nut biscuits are bloody amazing too – they’re harder and crunchier than the creamy variety of bikkies, but have a distinctly delicious ginger taste. Great for dipping in hot milk or coffee!

My favorite bikkie of all, though, is probably my Aunt Marianne’s homemade ANZACs*. Butter + coconut + oats + sugar + maple syrup = a fight for who gets to clean the wooden spoon. The UT students of Dr. Luther’s Comm 501 class last semester have experienced first hand how amazing ANZAC bikkies are (except for Aaron. He doesn’t like coconut. Who doesn’t like coconut?). I made the ANZACs as an experiment before class and shared them with everyone. They were a hit! I’ll post the recipe for y’all tomorrow.

Usage example: To mix things up a bit, here’s a haiku that I just wrote:


Bikkies for breakfast.

Put them in your cereal.

Just kidding, that’s gross.




PS: Did you know there’s a “p” in raspberry? I guess some silent letters are actually also invisible until you spell check your work. Thanks, spell check!

* Stands for Australian & New Zealand Army Corp.


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  2. where are some of the best places like a cookie shop to get an amazing bickie in Darwin,goldcoast,edinbough.thanks

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