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Good morning LB!

Because it’s Spring Break for me, I imagine everyone else in the nation is also on Spring Break. But people keep reminding me that it is not, in fact, Spring Break for most people in the United States. With that being said, for you and others who are at work this morning, I salute you! I’ve included an extra bonus link so you don’t get too upset when you think about all the co eds down in Florida not working (sorry if the parrot video cuts it a bit too close).

TED2011 Recap: Treat yourself to the best, most fascinating talks from TED2011.

KnowWord: If you play Words With Friends, you might enjoy this game

QWERTY Beats: Put your headphones on, hover over the question mark for instructions.

Kitten Riding Tortoise: Enough said. If you know what song this is, please let me know. It’s stuck in my head and I need to make it stop. UPDATE: My friend Katie has informed me that the song is Baby Elephant Walk by Henry Mancini. Thanks Katie!

Shake It: See if you can watch this and not grin the entire time.

The Shagging Parrot: Stephen Fry asks his viewers: What would you do for rare species conservation?




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  1. The proposal is awesome

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