5 Great Links for LB   2 comments

LB, it sounds like you’ve been pretty busy lately. Rain check on dinner from last week? Hopefully you’re not too busy to visit these links I’ve compiled for you! Also, at this point, I’ve posted seven of these threads. If you* like or don’t like the links I’m posting, let me know! If you want to see different kinds of links on a favorite topic of yours, drop me a line and I’ll see what I can dig up.

*”you” is not restricted to just LB. If you’re not LB, feel free to send me feedback too!

Betaville: The interactivity of this site is the best I’ve seen in a while! Really great web designer. Very impressive. Makes me think I’ve time traveled to an earlier decade.

This Day In Music: Jealous Guy by Roxy Music. Huh? Never heard of it. I must be getting old.

Woodland Homes: Would you live here? Maybe if you were a Hobbit.

Photomanipulation: I like #11 and #17. #15 looks really painful for some reason (but I’m sure he’s fine, he’s wearing protective goggles).

SEQL: I think the best way to approach this list is to first cross off what you’re already doing and give yourself a pat on the back. Then tackle the other 87 items one at a time. So you don’t go crazy with guilt. I’m bookmarking this page for future reference.

2 responses to “5 Great Links for LB

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  1. Photomanipulation is awesome

  2. “31. Buy the right amount of paint for the job. ”

    This is silly.

    And photomanipulation creeps me out. Alot.

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