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My Shamelss Cake

I am a huge fan of the new show, Shameless, on Showtime. Well, it’s not actually a new show. It’s a USA remake of a British show by the same name. Lots of shows that air in the USA are remakes of British shows (Top Gear, Life on Mars, The Office, Dancing With The Stars, Queer As Folk, Supernanny, Friends). Shameless is one of them, and it’s awesome.

Not being particularly suitable for children, Shameless airs every Sunday night at 10pm. Normally I like to be heading to bed by this time on a Sunday. But for this show, I make a dedicated exception.

The series revolves around the Gallagher family who live in a dingy Chicago suburb. Frank, the father, is a barely-functioning alcoholic with seven children. His oldest daughter, Fiona, does pretty much all the work to keep the family functioning. There’s always something crazy going on, but Fiona and her siblings always figure out a way to keep moving on with life.

This weekend I decided to make a red velvet cake with strawberry frosting. I wish you could smell it through your screen, because it smells uh-may-zing! It’s taking all of my will power to not  stop typing and go eat a slice right now. Fresh. Hot. Cake. In. My. Kitchen. NOM! I’m calling it my Shameless Cake, because I’m looking forward to eating it shamelessly, while watching Shameless.

So what are you doing tonight? Will you be watching Shameless on Showtime while eating some good dessert? Or will you be in bed playing Angry Birds? If you’re going to be looking at a screen and you have cable, check out Shameless.


Posted March 6, 2011 by Elfawin in TV Production

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