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"Pamajini" by Maryanne Tungatulum ~ Aboriginal Art Online


Pronunciation: As it sounds

Meaning: Traditionally, when an Australian aboriginal male turn 16 he must leave his tribe in the bush and go on a solitary walkabout to find himself. Once the boy returns to his tribe he is considered a man. It’s a coming-of-age trial that is reminiscent in many cultures. In Australia the walkabout can last for days or even weeks. These days, the term walkabout is also used colloquially to explain the random absence of someone who you just saw in the hallway five minutes ago. Can’t find your girlfriend at the pub? She’s gone walkabout (probably to the little sheila’s room). Waiting for your boss to start that meeting where you were going to ask for a raise? He’s probably gone walkabout.

Usage example: Aussie bloke #1: “Have you seen Gavin around? We were going to play footy this arvo” Aussie bloke #2: “Naah mate, haven’t seem him. I think he’s gone walkabout with your girlfriend”

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