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On Saturday we had some beautiful sunny weather here in Knoxville, Tennessee. LB, I hope the bike event went well! Sunday was overcast with thunderstorms. It was a good grass growing day for my backyard and a good couch day for the Oscars. I’m glad Natalie Portman and Colin Firth won awards, even if The Social Network didn’t take home Best Picture (oh well). And now it’s Monday, which means the weather doesn’t matter, because you’re at work (although there is a tornado warning today, so be careful!). So here are some links to alleviate that gloom…

POTD: You can never go wrong with one stunning photo per day! Especially when it’s an underwater oasis.

Silly Mind Tricks: Spoiler alert! I thought of broccoli. Hope that doesn’t ruin it for you.

Snowflake What?!: I don’t believe this. This is not possible. Ok, maybe it is. But I have my doubts. Is this a hoax?

Popular Mechanics: Slash that utility bill! SLASH IT! A list of 19 ways to stop spending money on useless stuff.

Adam Savage’s Obsessions: TED gives us another great talk on a fascinating person. 15 minutes long, but really, really cool.

Enjoy the week!


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