What Would You Store Underground?   4 comments

I was browsing Wired Magazine this morning and found a really cool article by Erin Biba about some new uses for “retired” underground mines or caverns. If you have 10 minutes, check it out here. It’s an amazing picture gallery with brief explanations. It’s really interesting to hear about these places –  I thought they only existed in movies! I guess for some organizations (like Wikileaks), security, safety, and relative obscurity from the public are top priorities.

If you had  beaucoup bucks to squirrel stuff away inside a secret underground facility, what would you keep there? Personally I don’t own anything that requires protection from potential nuclear fallout, so instead, I guess I’d want an emergency underground bunker in the event that nuclear fallout does happen. I’d kit it out with all the essentials – tons of nonperishable food, some kind of perpetual motion geothermal heating and cooling system, enough beds and couches for me and all my friends, a swimming pool and hot tub…I could go on and on. But really, what would you guys do with an empty, secure, underground cavern? Remember, money is no object in this hypothetical situation!


At my previous job as a TV producer, I conducted a lot of archive acquisitions – digital photo and video clip licensing – for use in the various episodes we produced. Corbis was one of my main sources for these archives. I remember at least two instances  when my Corbis rep explained to me that a particular photograph would take longer to deliver than usual, because someone would have to “go into the vault” to retrieve it. After reading this article, I now know what she was talking about! The image below shows where Corbis keeps its collection. Inside Iron Mountain, Pennsylvania. At sub-zero temperatures. Wow. Just, wow. That’s so cool. Literally. 🙂

Where Corbis stores its archives. Wired Magazine

Here’s a news report on Iron Mountain by KOMO 4 News, a local station out of Seattle, Washington. The reporter takes her viewers inside the mountain for an intriguing look at what’s being stored underground, and why.


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4 responses to “What Would You Store Underground?

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  1. This is a really cool link! I was watching a show on HGTV like this…but it had to do with homes that were built into caverns like this. I’ll be honest…i’d live in one if i could!

    (maybe an all natural indoor ice rink for hockey?)

  2. Very nice! We covered some other great underground storage places in Modern Marvels: Secret Underground. My favorite by far is the cheese storage facilities. Mmmmm cheese!

  3. Thank you for, yet again, broadening my horizons. 🙂

  4. Sounds like we need to pool our money and purchase a roomy, underground cave with a cheese fridge. I’m actually very excited about this ladies!!!

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