5 Great Links For LB   1 comment

Good morning, LB. Are you at work yet? Great! Here are some links for you to check out once you fill out that TPS report.

An Internet Timeline – This is just funny, and also useful for you people under 18.

The Good Guide – Ever wondered how your shampoo scientifically & environmentally ranks against other shampoos? Well now you can find out!

You Grow Girl – For the resourceful and humble gardener with little gardening space and even less money.

The Dangerous Sports Club – Pretty much explains itself.

Energy Fiend – So you really think you can drink that much Vanilla Coke and survive, huh? How much hot cocoa do you think it would take to keel you over?



One response to “5 Great Links For LB

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  1. My phone is pretty green. Awesome.

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