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“Shark Biscuit”

Pronunciation: As it sounds

Meaning: A new or inexperienced surfer. Shark attacks happen pretty frequently in the cold current waters around Australia. To a Great White, surfers or body boarders are bite-sized! That’s why wetsuits come in an array of neon danger colors like Tennessee orange, lime green, and electric blue. South of Adelaide, where I’m from, there’s a sleepy coastal town called Victor Harbor. Part of the shoreline is a steep and rocky cliff line, and the Southern Ocean is merciless when the currents are coming in. Translate: It’s perfect for morning surf sessions. My mates Tom and Chris would go surfing there every weekend. I went up there with them once to try it out, but I was too terrified of getting bit by a shark to get in the water. Yeah, I’m a real go-getter.

Usage example: “You’re not going to see many shark biscuits at today’s surfing competition. These guys are all pro.”

A body boarder takes the wave. South Coast Register

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