5 Great Links for LB   2 comments

Here we are again – it’s Monday, which means LB is definitely already bored. It must time for some more random anti-boredom links!

LIES, LIES, LIES – Do you know what a liar looks like?

Post Secret – Updated every Sunday, this ongoing art collaboration provides amazing insight into the secret lives of others.

DIY Kaleidoscope – I could really get into this! How detailed can you get yours?

Freebord – If I were to be given a talent at which I could not fail, I might choose this. Great little tune, too.

Travelphant Travel Blog – LB, I want to go to there! And eat!


UPDATE: Just saw this link and thought it was too good not to share immediately! From my favorite place on the Internet, Reddit, – Back to the Future photos by Irina Werning. Really, really cool art project! If it takes a hot minute to load, that’s because of all the amazing photos you’re about to see.


2 responses to “5 Great Links for LB

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  1. Freebording is awesome.

  2. I am totally getting Dani to do the picture one in the update. I would love to remake funny pics from my childhood!

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