A Twitter Takeover?   2 comments

Bird For Sale. Price: ?

Did you know that Twitter is currently in potential takeover talks with Facebook and Google. Do you care? Check out this article from Paul Carr at The Guardian for a fantastic summary.

Personally, I care about this. I would be sad if Twitter was taken over. Although I don’t use Twitter as frequently as some people, I like its simplistic structure, and that it’s an independent alternative to other major social networking platforms. As Carr mentions in his article – a Google takeover might spark a merger of Twitter and  Google Buzz. *CRINGE!*. Alternately, if Facebook took over, would Twitter become boring too?

Facebook doesn’t have the Google-like reputation of taking over other companies. So is Facebook really interested in this potential deal? Or is Twitter just stirring up gossip to inflate its self-importance? There are so many unanswered questions!

Why do these online companies need to merge at all? Why can’t Twitter just “pull a craigslist” and stay true to itself? It must be for the money. It always comes down to money. Right? Carr’s article states that Twitter has made an estimated $360M to date. Not too shabby for a service that doesn’t allow advertising on its site. Perhaps a takeover will mean the introduction of sponsored tweets and embedded ads. *Blogger shudders*.

But with a variety of analytical and tracking software available these days, the return on investment for a company who uses Twitter is becoming easier and easier to identify. Perhaps a Twitter takeover has been inevitable for some time. Then again, these companies are just in talks, which could lead to nothing. We’ll just have to wait and see, I suppose.



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2 responses to “A Twitter Takeover?

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  1. Wonder if the potential takeover would lead to some sort of subscriber model where Twitter users would now have to pay to play?

  2. I would be concerned that Google takeover would lead to even more error messages and a more frequent viewing of the Twitter Fail Whale…. I don’t have a suggestion really, but I wish Twitter would find a way to stay independent.

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