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So I have a friend, let’s call her LB. She likes tech news and social media stuff. I think I even convinced her to by a MacBook Pro back in the day (so we know she’s got great taste in laptops). I’ve decided to dedicate a weekly post to providing her with five links to interesting, current web content that she can peruse at her leisure while at work during her free time. Without further ado….

1) “How the NCAA Stays on Top of the Social Media Game” (An Interview by Meaghan Edelstein): The NCAA is jumping into the social media foray with thoughts on use and regulation

2) “I Was Dwinking” – My favorite reddit picture to date. Extra points for guessing the species.

3) “BreathingEarth.net” – just the sound alone is cool. Slightly disturbing overall, but still really cool.

4) “Don’t Drink and Drive. Run, Instead” – A great little article about running, purging and beer.

5) “The Biomechanics of Footwear” – So how useful are shoes anyway?

I just noticed that three of these links are related to running or sports…but I’m perfectly fine with that. Enjoy!



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  1. It’s a panda right?

  2. Keep the links coming! LB might benefit but so do the rest of us who need things to do while at *cough* work OR in our “free time”.

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