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5 Great Links for LB   2 comments

So I have a friend, let’s call her LB. She likes tech news and social media stuff. I think I even convinced her to by a MacBook Pro back in the day (so we know she’s got great taste in laptops). I’ve decided to dedicate a weekly post to providing her with five links to interesting, current web content that she can peruse at her leisure while at work during her free time. Without further ado….

1) “How the NCAA Stays on Top of the Social Media Game” (An Interview by Meaghan Edelstein): The NCAA is jumping into the social media foray with thoughts on use and regulation

2) “I Was Dwinking” – My favorite reddit picture to date. Extra points for guessing the species.

3) “” – just the sound alone is cool. Slightly disturbing overall, but still really cool.

4) “Don’t Drink and Drive. Run, Instead” – A great little article about running, purging and beer.

5) “The Biomechanics of Footwear” – So how useful are shoes anyway?

I just noticed that three of these links are related to running or sports…but I’m perfectly fine with that. Enjoy!


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YouTube: What’s in it for me?   Leave a comment

I’ve done it. I’ve posted my very first video to YouTube. Kinda anticlimactic, really. It’s a clip of me stealing a bunch of money from a table. Well, not actually stealing. More like borrowing for the aesthetics purposes of the clip. At the time I was producing a pickup shoot for a Discovery Channel show on money. Here it is in all it’s glory:

Anyway, my point is, I don’t know what my goal is with having a YouTube account. I used to think it would be fun to do a vlog like Natalie’s amazingly funny, insightful and very well edited Community Channel, but it seems like so much work. I suppose if I ever have a more meaningful video to share, I can upload it then. But for now, I’m happy to just browse other user-submitted content instead. I’m also still freaked out at the thought of sharing too much personal content on the Internet, but that’s an entirely different subject I’ll blog about at another time.


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Smartphone War   3 comments

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I’m currently an AT&T account holder and I use the iPhone 3G. My contract with AT&T ran out yesterday. Woohoo! Free agent! Naturally, I’m having serious thoughts about switching providers and phones. I’m not rushing into a decision, because I have much to consider before I make any changes. Here’s a rundown of my current situation:

1) I’ve had the iPhone 3G now for more than 3 years. It’s not the 3Gs, nor it is the 4. My iPhone runs very slowly and doesn’t operate efficiently on the 4G network. Typically I catch it running on the geriatric EDGE network. *Cringe!* My iPhone often takes several seconds to open an app, and 5-10 seconds longer for the app to become functional. Even if I just want to make a phone call or text someone, I find myself waiting for an eternity. I’m long overdue for an upgrade.

2) I spend a fair bit of time in the downstairs level of my house. Unfortunately, my AT&T reception does not extend to the downstairs level of my house, which means I get a lot of dropped calls, if I even get service at all. I have to go upstairs before I can make phone calls or send text messages.

3) As an AT&T customer, I’m the frequent recipient of dropped calls, wherever I am. The AT&T network just doesn’t seem to have saturated coverage. And as for calling themselves the “fastest 3G network”, refer to my first note about app loading speeds.

4) If I switch to Verizon, I won’t be able to use a phone if I go home to Australia (or any other international destination) for a vacation. Verizon’s network is currently incapable of global roaming.

4) I like having an iPhone. I like the user-friendly touchscreen technology. I don’t really want to use a phone with a keypad again. I’ve done that in the past and I’m not going back to it.

5) There’s no doubt that, regardless of provider, I’ll be upgrading to a new smartphone. The question is: Do I stick with AT&T and get an iPhone 4 for only $50? Or do I switch to Verizon and pay $200 for the iPhone 4 (which we all know is soon going to be replaced by the iPhone 5)? Or do I get a Droid? Or something else? My friend Mallory (check out her blog here: is with Sprint, and she loves it.

Smart phone features I cannot live without: The phone has to fit easily in my jeans pocket (so it can’t be clunky), a decent GPS app, a good Facebook app, customizable ringtone ability, a decent photo camera, ability to shoot video, and finally, a minimal amount of clicks to use any/all phone features. Is all of this too much to ask?

The folks over at Engadget have created a handy comparison of the iPhone 4G on both Verizon and AT&T. After reading the comparison and following comments, I gather that the phones are pretty much identical. The only different is what each network can do for me. So what do I do? Sigh. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?


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Just your regular, everyday badass.   2 comments

My brother Mark graduated uni in Adelaide, Australia, and then immediately packed up his life and headed to Whistler, Canada. It’s about 2 hours north of Vancouver, and is one of the most scenically epic places in North America. Mark got a job at a snowboard shop, bought a season pass for the mountain, and proceeded to shred snow for about 2 1/2 years. And do you know what else? He’s really good at it. He’s been in a magazine

Mark shredding some Canadian powder

Yeah, that's him in the red

For a while I thought he needed to give up the snow-bum lifestyle and grow up. You know, get a real job, get serious (like me). But it took me a while to realize that what he did takes a lot of guts. He’s experiencing the world, is making a living, and he’s doing it in a gorgeous location, where he’s made tons of friends for life. Why would he want to leave it all for a cubicle at some boring office?

Well actually, he eventually moved back to Adelaide and is working on his Master’s degree in architecture. But the best part? He still lives in Whistler and snowboards during the Australian summer break. I wish I had the guts to split my entire life between two locations that are 10,000 miles apart, AND make a livelihood out of it. My brother is living the dream, and I’m so proud of him. Also, I’m very jealous. But mostly proud.

The point is, if you want something, don’t let it simmer as an idle thought in your mind forever. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Make it happen. Implement a strategy and follow through. Would it really be that hard to accomplish? What’s standing in your way? Save up the money and go. Hey, what’s the worst that can happen? You wind up with your very own magazine spread? Puhleeeze, I can think of worse endings.


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Happy Australia Day!   Leave a comment


222 years ago, Captain Arthur Philip arrived with the First Fleet into Sydney Cove (now known as Botany Bay), and claimed (what would be known as) Australia for the British.

But enough history! On this day, January 26th, I’d like to wish everyone a happy Australia Day! Especially those Aussies who are away from home. Wherever you are, try to find a Coopers, or a VB, a Swan, a Cascade or a XXXX, or maybe even a Fosters if you really have no other choice! Cheers to us!

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